Great encouraging deal both bitter and sweet

happy lemons

It has been commonly quoted “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I am not overly fond of lemonade however I do love a great deal and really fancy “free” that is the best price. So I was quite amused when I came across this image. In a time where generosity is not so common. I suppose giving you lemons should sour(spoil) your day but I love food and tend to veer towards the positive than the negative. So for this instance I only see good, no better yet great.

Thank you for the sour lemons, though when received had a different desire for my meal working with what a had. Now your generosity ignited new vision sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken, ceviche, lemon cake, lemon ice or perhaps sorbet and definitely a delight in salads. Literally “taking the bitter with the sweet”.  I have endless creations to unfold so do keep delivering those “free” lemons. My gain, random thoughts

It’s a wrap…

Okay I am going public, a small few are aware but many have not known. As I have been keeping this relationship a secret for far too long. Fully aware it was not, nor would ever be good for me. No real chance of improving. Never gave always taking, wanting more and more. Very abusive, inflicting much physical and emotional pain. But I must admit I have to take responsibility and own my part. You see I thought if I got angry enough, shout enough, cry enough it would possibly initiate moving on and going away. Did much of that, ignoring wisdom and solutions by others in like circumstances. Continue reading It’s a wrap…

Not in the spirit….

This is such a wonderful time of year. Gift giving, the smell of pine from trees, lights, ornaments. Baked delights, caroling and then there is Mz. Diamond. There is “grumpy cat”, well I have grumpy chi-weenie. She loves to dress up as she is not aware this is not the normal. I have dressed her since 8 weeks old. However she never quite gets into the holiday spirit. Hence I added an appropriate thought bubble to lend to her personality.

di and xmas

Are you so crazy or just crazy??

Initially I took offense to hearing  they are crazy, that word is shared so loosely especially in the media.  After self evaluation and deep thought and observing others, I find it not so much offensive anymore. So here I ask the question are you so crazy? Or are you just crazy?

If you are typically the life of a party, upbeat, high strung, fun, adventurous, full of humor then you are more likely to hear you are “so crazy” that can be great on the regular but can become annoying to some. On the flip side if people tend to avoid you, silence you, frown upon, dismissing your observations you then you may likely be “just crazy”.


Alone in a crowded room

This is the season for gift giving, feasting, reminiscing. Elf and Santa hats, red and green attire. For some festive and for others ugly sweaters. Crowds everywhere the shopping mall, grocery store, packed streets and sidewalks.

There you are going with the flow, participating in the festivities. Accepting invitations, buying gifts, cooking, baking and the like. Life of the party you are, giving, caring but you have a very well kept secret. Little does anyone know, you are lonely. The dreadful feeling of disconnect. After the dinners, shopping and parties there you are with you. How could this be?? You the problem solver, most generous, life of the party, tons of contacts and friends on social media.

Tuck the kids in, husband/mate resting and there you are up all night. Just you and your thoughts.
Then there you are returning to your empty house/apartment dreaming, thinking and praying for a family of your own.
Then there you are proclaiming to the world you don’t need/want anyone but cry your eyes out every night.