Alone in a crowded room

This is the season for gift giving, feasting, reminiscing. Elf and Santa hats, red and green attire. For some festive and for others ugly sweaters. Crowds everywhere the shopping mall, grocery store, packed streets and sidewalks.

There you are going with the flow, participating in the festivities. Accepting invitations, buying gifts, cooking, baking and the like. Life of the party you are, giving, caring but you have a very well kept secret. Little does anyone know, you are lonely. The dreadful feeling of disconnect. After the dinners, shopping and parties there you are with you. How could this be?? You the problem solver, most generous, life of the party, tons of contacts and friends on social media.

Tuck the kids in, husband/mate resting and there you are up all night. Just you and your thoughts.
Then there you are returning to your empty house/apartment dreaming, thinking and praying for a family of your own.
Then there you are proclaiming to the world you don’t need/want anyone but cry your eyes out every night.

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2 thoughts on “Alone in a crowded room”

  1. Hi there. I like the way you spoke about being lonely despite being around people. I have often felt the disconnection myself! Nice piece of writing. You really managed to capture a bit of human emotion and in so few words( something I struggle to do on occasion!).

    1. First off I hope this reply finds you in great spirits presuming no less. Thank you very much for visiting my new blog and making your presence known with the both well received and appreciated compliment. This being alone in a crowd is one more of many issues not addressed.

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