Everything is not as it appears, chicken noodle soup….

beef and egg noodles

This photo is displaying chicken noodle soup. What’s that where is the chicken?? Glad you asked. Entered the kitchen with all intentions of making chicken noodle soup. Indeed a hearty, warm delight appropriate for the cold, chilly weather. I have water boiling for the wholesome wheat egg noodles..Unfortunately I had not put much thought to the necessary ingredients. Noodles are boiled and rinsed with cool water. In reviewing the recipe I acquired from Google I quickly concluded this will not work. You see the recipe called for celery, I love celery but not cooked, carrots are great in a salad as a snack, in cake and juiced but cooked, I’ll pass. The recipe called for chicken breast, I only had boneless chicken thighs available. Okay, cannot throw out noodles as I really do not like wasting food. So, I store the cooked noodles in a storage bag for later use.  Now I totally change up and begin the preparation for beef stew, again no interest in cooked carrots or celery. My recipe most likely won’t make the top of a cooking challenge but who needs that pressure?

Boiled beef chuck cut in cubes, as the beef got tender I added Mrs. Dash original blend, black pepper, white pepper, little garlic powder, minced onions and a can of Swanson beef broth. May sound odd but very flavorful. Years back I loved cutting up onions, garlic and grinding pepper. Now in the present I am quite content with using the already ground and chopped. I did labor over cutting up the potatoes, lol.  When the meat and potatoes were completely cooked. I wasn’t quite satisfied, not enough carbohydrates for me. Considered rice which I love but too impatient to await it boiling. Oh wow, the noodles, yes that will do it. As I give this meal some thought I really should have vegetables, perhaps another day. So, you see this is chicken noodle soup, lol.

Great encouraging deal both bitter and sweet

happy lemons

It has been commonly quoted “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. I am not overly fond of lemonade however I do love a great deal and really fancy “free” that is the best price. So I was quite amused when I came across this image. In a time where generosity is not so common. I suppose giving you lemons should sour(spoil) your day but I love food and tend to veer towards the positive than the negative. So for this instance I only see good, no better yet great.

Thank you for the sour lemons, though when received had a different desire for my meal working with what a had. Now your generosity ignited new vision sweet and sour chicken, lemon chicken, ceviche, lemon cake, lemon ice or perhaps sorbet and definitely a delight in salads. Literally “taking the bitter with the sweet”.  I have endless creations to unfold so do keep delivering those “free” lemons. My gain, random thoughts