Mother’s Day…Untraditional

Happy Mother’s Day and what a great day it is for all mothers step in moms and soon to be mothers.

This is not the traditional day honoring moms but this is my Mother’s birthday aka Delores Estelle, Lois, Aunt Lois, Aunt Delores for me my mommy. ❤️🤗

Gone but definitely not forgotten. I will always love you. She was taken from me in a violent way to domestic violence in 1974. One may say that was so long ago. I have been told to move on and let it go. I say it feels like yesterday.

I love my mommy and always will, I will never forget her. I cherish these photos as I make it a priority to reminisce on the beautiful and #happytimes.

#You only get one mom but to God be the glory he will send help, aide, support comfort of your natural mother through others. Granted not all mothers were the best but they did the best they knew how. Without a mother there would not be you. I miss her touch, her counsel, her discipline, her love, her support, her smile, her nurturing.

If your mother is living please do not take her for granted . Do not put off apologies , forgiveness , embrace, or showing affection . This is something you will regret.

Ship Wreck Survivor

I Am a Ship Wreck… (child molestation, abuse, neglect, cancer, rape, domestic violence, suicide attempt, depression, robbery, assault, incarceration, bondage) Survivor.

As a “Ship Wreck Survivor” my glass is always half full and on many occasions overflowing I have been through too much and survived too much to sink, capsize.

You.. survived any/all of the above congratulations. Celebrate you!!!

Going through what appears unmanageable storm, be encouraged. If you made it through that surely you can make it through this(whatever your this is)




Celebration the boring life… and my ride or die dog

When I look back on my life, I see much pain, mistakes, poor choices and heartbreak. However, when I look in the mirror, I see not a victim but one victorious, I see perseverance, I see wisdom, I see strength, I see love, I see a winner, I see an over-comer, I see a warrior. One who not just overcame obstacles but by the grace and mercy of God is overcoming all obstacles in her path and always keeps a smile on her face making like it never happened. So thankful to quote my spiritual mom’s Dr. Rachelle Benson most noted cliche “God will make it as though it never happened”.

This is what child molestation, child abuse, neglect, betrayal, domestic violence, cast out, cancer, rape, incarceration, homelessness, brutality, and hatred survivor, warrior ,unbroken looks like.

Mz Grace aka Gracie my "ride or die"
Mz Grace aka Gracie my “ride or die”
Survivor/warrior Mz Connie. Happy
Survivor/warrior Mz Connie. Happy

I liken my life to the child toy weeble wobbles, they”weeble and wobble but don’t fall down” I have been knocked around and about but not out. Bruised and scarred but undefeated. Celebrating all survivors, and encouraging all weary that defeat is not an option, do not lose hope I am certain what God has and still is doing for me He can, is and will do for you!!!

Searching for you in the daytime with a flashlight……

Me lonely?? Yes, not desperate but wanting companionship, affection, warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside. I like to believe I am an extrovert as I must get out, must be out, want out. Feel really stifled and panicked when I am shut in. So many options for dating, meeting the one, making connections.

Why are you lonely? Glad you asked,lol. I enjoy being social, friendly and am very adaptable so there should be no issue. I have joined many, social, dating sites. Very happy with the response received from my profiles. What I apparently lack is the alarm, warning bell, insight that screams stalker.

Interested in a few examples? Sure you are, lol.

1. You: said you hate clingy women, need to have a life, independent. Accepting you are very busy with work, etc. and happy with occasional dinner, movie, etc.  Me: Great, I am busy also, not a lot of time for traditional dating. You: Great, perfect. Okay now you are calling me frequently throughout the day, evening. Making me aware of your every move, task, etc. Why are you now angry, and becoming hostile when I suggest you do not call/text so much and do not respond to every text/call? Why are you still calling and harassing me when I suggest we stop communicating.

2. You: enjoyed the company, looking forward to future dates. Much in common. Me: Wonderful, great debater, chivalrous which I find rare. Impressed you drove 40 miles out of your way to meet near me.  Issue, why do you just pop up unannounced. Perhaps we should slow down and take time out and away from each other. You: No woman can be trusted, one night you didn’t return my call because you were asleep, I know that wasn’t true. The hood of your car was warm. Me: You live 40 miles away and traveled to my home to check the temperature on the hood of my car? No more, it’s over.

3. You: I will let you out from the locked closet in my shop, when you agree to accept my proposal of marriage. Me: Just to escape. Accepted the ring and proposal. Moved, changed phone numbers, etc. You: waiting around my favorite shops, eateries, Salons, etc.

These few experiences and many more to share down the road, have caused much concern for going out and attempting the dating thing. For now, I delight in hanging out with my dogs.

Many, many more….searching for you in the daytime with a flashlight otherwise known as stalking. Male or female is this you? You will never be happy, truly happy stalking another. If you feel this behavior is necessary that person is not for you. They are not the one