Fish tacos…..

veggie taco

Here we have another foiled attempt for a delight that although did not go as planned, had a great outcome. Had a craving for fish tacos, there is a local restaurant that in my opinion has the best.

The issue: Finance, I am on a really tight budget.

Solution: Make your own at home.

Ingredients at home

Cabbage(half head in refrigerator more than enough

Fish( Van de Kamp’s battered fillets)

Spicy fish filets

Gorton’s Fish Sticks

Gorton fish sticks

No cilantro so next best thing La Victoria(has cilantro in it)


Kosher Corn Tortillas.

The prep was simple sliced and shredded the cabbage, sprinkled with a little Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning and 2 tablespoons of La Victoria. veggie taco prep

Okay, here is the major problem. I am starving and forget to preheat oven for the fish. The salsa and cabbage don’t taste too bad together. Change of plans, I heat up the tortillas for 22 seconds in the microwave. Place cabbage and salsa on warmed tortillas which are now soft and delicious.

Here we have home made fish tacos. Remember everything is not as it appears, lol.

One might disagree and say what a mess, but I say I was hungry, lol